I have redesigned the website and updated the inventory.  Now that it is current and I have our stock in order, it will remain updated!  The more you buy, the more you save.  I'm more than willing to deal when you buy a few cars at a time!


Prices do not include shipping.  Shipping and insurance are extra.  We ship via UPS only.  Shipping will be determined once we know where we need to ship.  All diecast will ship from Charlotte, NC.  We are not looking to make money off of shipping charges! 

Payment Options

We accept PayPal and Money Orders only.  No personal checks!

Return Policy

It is simple, I dont accept returns.  One person a long time ago tried to return something that they didnt get from me and that ruined it for everyone.  Sorry!  All our diecast is in excellent condition.  I wont say mint because I believe you can find a flaw with just about any diecast.  Some of the boxes may have a little shelf wear, but if there is anything that would make me even think you may not be happy with the condition of the car or the box, you will get a picture of the item before I ship it.  I've been selling diecast since 1998 and I've only had 1 person want to return something.  And like I said, that was a scam!